Saturday, 9 May 2015

The Initiative

The World's Primes weren't united - by 1981 we were seeing both destructive Primes either causing havoc, or seizing control of small communities with the intention of raising warbands.

To Director Rick Savage, the Chief Executive Officer of the Initiative, and a Prime himself. The situation was unacceptable, he knew something had to be done - or the global situation with regards to these Super Beings was going to get much worse.

The Initiative dates back to 1947 as a result of the Roswell scare, its mandate was to act as a world investigation and defense force. Looking into strange occurrences and threats to world peace, and acting on them independent of any Government interference or influence. 

In 1981 however, the Initiative changed with the mass recruitment of Primes into its ranks - most primes do not like to take Human life, the see all life as sacred whether it be Dino, Mutt, Norm, or Prime - and seek to do no harm wherever possible. This isn't to say they won't take more extreme measures when pushed, they just prefer not to if at all possible.

Commonly called "F.O.N." (shorthand for Freaks of Nature) by the rest of Humanity, these Brave men and women defend humanity regardless of any discrimination against them.

Whilst the Global defense mandate of the Initiative remained, the desire for less violent solutions to problems too precedent - this was enforced when Savage made a deal with Varian for Technological aid, and all the troopers were armed with Non-Lethal Subsonic Weaponry.

The Initiative maintains installations worldwide, but their main base is a gigantic hovercraft.

Their Mobile base of Operations is a gigantic Hover Platform known as the Vigilant - it is maintained by a crew of 124 Initiative Operatives, has a standing force of 80 Initiative Troopers and has at least 10 Primes stationed there at anyone time.

It uses similar lift technology to the Mark I Cobra Low Altitude Skimmer it cruises just above the ground, high enough to avoid trees, dinosaurs, and residential buildings - but not high enough to attract attention from above.

The Vigilant has the best in security technology, including several mounted Blackwood Industries "Neural Scrambler" which emits subsonic waves that cause both Dinosaurs and Carrion to (for the most part, its not perfected yet) ignore the Vigilant should it have cause to land.

The Initiative stands as a force for peace and stability, in a world gone wild.

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