Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Condor Knight, the Twilight Avenger

Not All Primes (those with Super Powers) work for the Initiative or are part of the Brotherhood - there are those who live on the fringes of society. 

The call themselves Ronin . . . . 

These Ronin, are Rogue Primes who refuse to work with either The Brotherhood or the Initiative. They gather in bands or teams and wander the Barrens helping people as and when they are needed.

Not all Ronin are touched by the R.D.S. Virus, one such Ronin calls himself The Condor Knight, the Twilight Avenger.

Andrew Scott was never "touched" by the R.D.S. Virus, he was never that lucky - sure he knew there were as many Freaks and Mutts as there were Primes - but he idolized those people who made up the Ranks of the F.O.N. Operatives of the Initiative, and held the Brotherhood in high regard for what they were trying to achieve.

He had grown up in a world of wonders and Super-Heroes, but seemed destined to be nothing more than an unremarkable Administrative Assistant at Blackwood Industries. Till one day, some interesting paperwork came across his desk - of a now closed research department, and their details.

"Project Condor" was an abandoned Blackwood Industries project, the idea was to create an armoured flight suit to make the Security Forces as mobile as the fastest Dinosaur - whilst leaving them armoured and protected. When City States all over the world began maintaining F.O.N. Institutes the idea of the Condor-Suits were abandoned ans costly and unnecessary, even though the final Unit worked.

Taking the name from his favourite Comic Book character from when he was a child and feeling abandoned by what he considered his destiny, Scott 'borrowed' the Technology and took up the Mantle of "Condor Knight, the Twilight Avenger".

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