Monday, 4 May 2015

A Brief Encounter (No Complications Part III)

It was a dark night, the darkest night - Katsumi and Akihiro had retrieved the Data from the London Uni-Tech installation, but how and why Uni-Tech had come into possession of Doctor Pendleton's research into Project Re-Birth was beyond them - Pendleton had been seconded to British Intelligence, and as such his work was extremely classified - what was a Corporation doing with it.

Katsumi and Akihiro stood there as the Carrion advanced - Akihiro ran to the left, drawing the Carrion away from the Giaour that was herding them - whilst Katsumi made straight for the bastard.

Flipping forward over three Carrion, Katsumi drew her sword as she 'flew' - and as she landed made a downward strike towards the disgusting self-mutilated face of the Giaour, it all happened so fast all the Giaour could do was look surprised as the blade swiftly pressed downwards - first through his skull, then his brain, only stopping to be drawn out after it had penetrated his spine by exactly six inches - THATS how precise Katsumi normally was.

Akihiro fell to his side at speed, rolled and came up shooting - his silenced machine weapon lit up the night, the glare showed each Carrion in turn - there hollow horrific faces showing no emotion, no reaction to the glare and the repeated "phut, phut, phut" of Katsumi's weapon as it fired.

Akihiro kept the shots at neck and head height, as the only way to disable a Carrion is to destroy the brain or remove the head - although he personally found it 'disturbing' to decapitate them, as the parts still seemed to be 'alive'.

One by one the Carrion dropped, but there just seemed so many of them - Akihiro started to worry he would have to reload when the remaining few were on top of him - he knew he could take them all in close combat, but who knows what might happen to him if he got even a scratch off one of the filthy things.

After killing the Giaour, Katsumi swung around - spinning her sword in a wide arc at the necks of the three Carrion that were closing in on her - one by one their heads dropped to the ground, and one by one their bodies followed.

Akihiro and Katsumi stood between the gory remains of their assailants, and spoke to each other heatedly in their native tongue - such an angry sounding language, but then again the conversation was heated.

"YOU LEFT WHAT BEHIND" Akihiro's exasperation at his partners absent minded "leaving behind" of one of her tools was difficult to conceal, so difficult he failed completely.

"I am sorry honourable Husband, it was a mistake I will correct immediately" - Akihiro knew what that meant, they would have to return to Uni-Tech in London, and retrieve the lost implement.

And this time, it wasn't going to be as easy  . . . . .

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