Monday, 4 May 2015

The Colt Brothers - Freelance Dino-Hunters

It had been weeks now, neither Jared nor Jensen knew how many, since they had started tracking this particular "Mutt".

The freak in question had murdered a family of postulants waiting outside the walls of Chicago.

The tracking had been rough, hours turned into days, days turned into weeks leaving the Colt brothers far from civilization, and deep in the barrens.

They had tracked its movements to an abandoned house quite literally in the middle of nowhere. The remains of its long dead inhabitants were strewn about - the last remaining shreds of flesh left on the shattered bones dried and mummified by the elements, till they looked like brittle leather.

"Man I'm hungry" whispered Jensen looking up from the remains, "when we're done here I've gotta get me some pie", Jensen was smiling – it was obvious his love of Pie was deep and true.

“Dude - is eating and tail all you think about", Jared sounded like a parent - even though he was younger than his Brother.

"I'd drive a hundred miles or more for a good piece of pie", Jensen was grinning like an idiot now, "Even further for a good woman".

Jensen winked - Jared rolled his eyes in exasperation!

"Shhh", Jensen demeanour suddenly turned very serious - Jared knew that meant he had heard or sensed something. "Round the side of the barn", suddenly Jensen’s expression was deadly serious and his eyes were wide.

"You go round to the left, I'll take point", Jensen indicated where he wanted Jared to go. Even though Jensen could be boorish sometimes - when it came down to it, Jared trusted his brother implicitly.

The noise was louder now, something was chewing, and tearing at living flesh - and the poor thing being eaten was gurgling and grunting.

Jensen raised his hand and looked at his brother some feet away, "Three, Two, One . . . . ", and they sped around to the back of the barn almost perfectly in sync.

It was not the Mutt they were tracking, but half a dozen Procompsognathus picking and tearing at the flesh of some poor animal that was still twitching a frothing at the mouth.

The Procompsognathus immediately raised their heads, moving almost like birds, bobbing their heads back and forth - the twitchingly advanced towards Jensen.

"Awww Crap", Jensen rolled his eyes in frustration, "this is going to be tricky" . . . . . .

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