Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Fairfax & Nexus

As head of British Military Intelligence, the Woman known only as Fairfax was as high up as you could get. Her job was complex and tasking as you could imagine, and so difficult emotionally most men simply couldn't handle it.

Let me explain, not only does she run British Intelligence - which in itself is mind bogglingly complex, she has to regularly send men on missions he knows will end badly. But she has no choice, if she didn't do it, some other poor bastard would have to - and they might crack under the strain.

It's been even more difficult since the 80's when the world changed - and not for the better. Back in those days she was an Officer in the British Navy, and saw a lot of action during the early Dinosaur Attacks. In the last thirty years we've seen Dinosaurs rampaging through the streets, when the disaster hit - a large chunk of greater London was lost. Beckenham, Romford, and Croydon were lost - sealed off from the rest of the City, those districts are now overgrown with strange plant life - and are like some huge prehistoric safari park. The Dinosaurs stay close to the Cities, they like the smells and the noise. The Gun emplacements and electrified netting keep most at bay, there are very few D.I's (Dinosaur Incursions) nowadays. The Carrion are less of a problem, mostly wandering around the north of England, and the colder weather slows them down considerably - at least we don't have to worry about the Giaour here in England, such roving clans of Cannibals have only been encountered in Scotland and Ireland - very rare compared to the rest of the world.

You would think in this day and age, there would be no need for Military Intelligence - but the fractures in the Political relationships between the surviving nations are even more apparent. Korea is desperate for American DNA and Military technology, Red China want's the UK's food synthesis processes, and Russia is just after ever other Nations edge as their territories include Siberia - and they've got all sorts of problems there.

Every Nation in the world has gone out of its way to recruit Primes into Service - Russia in particular has more Prime Operatives than anyone else, America has a whole Department dedicated to just that. But we have something better, not just regular F.O.N. Operatives - we have Jacob Nexus, the worlds first Prime.

Exposed to the "Re-Birth" process way back in 1964, Jacob was changed forever - like the Turritopsis nutricula jellyfish he can (by all accounts) never actually die, he heals rapidly any injury short of a terminal one. Even when he is "killed" he goes into a semi-dormant state for a period of up to 24 hours (often much shorter) and awakes completely repaired, there is a side effect though - sometimes, when the damage is so severe as to disfigure him, he wakes up with a new face. This has proven a boon to his secret work, as periodically he is a "new man" - although it's been noted his personality pretty much stays the same to a greater or lesser degree each time.

Nexus was a boon to British Intelligence and the world in general, he certainty made Fairfax' life easier.

Jacob had walked into Fairfax' Office with his usual mix of arrogance and charm, whatever she had in mind for his next mission - he knew it was going to be dangerous, that was the only kind of mission he got these days.

"M'am" he uttered, in that deep smooth toned voice of his - "You called". Jacob smirked, the sort of little smile you give when you're trying to be flirtatious.

Fairfax glowered at him, the sort of look you only see coming from angry teachers or disappointed parents - "You can cut that crap with me Agent Nexus, I am immune" she looked down at the paperwork on her desk, "I have no time for misogynistic cave-men like you".

"An oddly inappropriate thing to say considering the current state of the World, wouldn't you say" - Jacob felt smug, VERY smug. It's not that often someone gets to be 'one up' on old Fairfax.

"It was meant as an insult as you well know - your kind Agent Nexus are not, unfortunately, extinct. Neither are your Dinosaur cousins". Fairfax didn't even look up from her reading as that barb found its target.

"Touche" Jacob casually took a pack of cigarettes and a lighter out of his pocket as he responded.

"Please smoke elsewhere, you might be immortal and not have to worry about Cancer - but the rest of us are not afforded that luxury", Fairfax finally looked up at him as be put his cigarettes away. "This mission, though typically dangerous - is a fairly straight forward one" - Her matter of factness never failed to surprise Jacob, "There's trouble in Siberia, I know, I know - there's always Trouble in Siberia".

"So, whats the mission - extraction, sabotage, assassination" Jacobs matter of factness about his work even managed to surprise Fairfax "Sorry to be blunt, but your tone implied this was urgent".

"A group of Russian dissidents are attempting to replicate Uni-Techs Re-Birth technology - if they are successful, it might give them the ability to create Primes deliberately - rather than by accident" Fairfax' tone did indeed sound urgent, VERY urgent "Your mission is a relatively simple one, break into the facility - steal the research and destroy the place".

"Sounds straightforward enough" Jacobs tone betrayed him a little, it was obvious that Fairfax had more to tell.

"The problem is, if you pardon the pun, its a bit of a 'hot zone' for Morlock and Dinosaur activity - the facility is walled off, has laser security, and guards - those I know are no real challenge to you" Fairfax attempted a smile, she failed "But with Carnosaurs wandering about, and the only way to the facility without being detected is through caves infested with degenerates - I can see this actually being a problem" Her concern for Jacob Nexus was obvious at this point, she didn't want him to die . . . again . . . . 

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