Monday, 4 May 2015

Coming Soon - "The Seraphis Institute"

The Seraphis Institute in one form or another has existed since the time of the Crusades, its mandate has always been one of investigation and exploration, and has always stood for knowledge and learning above all else - even during the 17th Century, when they found themselves at odds with the Catholic Church.

All Members of the Seraphis Institute are unique individuals, some call them Primes - others call them Freaks, the only fact people should know is that the Seraphis Institute has Powerful, Driven, Agents working for it.

The most important and well known personalities are as follows -

Charley 'Ruby' James has the powers of Energy Projection and Empathy, an elegant and demure English rose as dangerous as she is beautiful. Beautifully spoken, elegant to a fault – her balletic movements bely the fact she is a deadly hand to hand combatant.

Dr Klae Steele has Invisibility and Intense Cold powers. A strange man, older in his ways than his appearance gives away - there is something behind those cold blue eyes 
that's disturbing. Whilst he is happy to rely on his abilities, he is also more than capable of using the special Side Arms most Seraphis Agents carry.

Sterling Mercury has Speed and Sense Manipulation (minor mind control, and illusion creation), he is quick witted and capable - people underestimate him because he is almost supernaturally charming and has a great sense of humour, that is generally a Mistake.

"P.B." has Prowess Augmentation (Strength and Damage Resistance on demand) and Psychomtery, a huge black man – massively strong with fists like coal shovels. Most find him intimidating - but he is the most gentle man you could wish to meet.

Then there is Major John Colt, a seemingly jovial ex-military type - but don't let his middle aged spread and jolly demeanour fool you, as an ex British Secret Service Agent there’s a lot more to Major Colt than meets the eye.

Last we have Agent Harry Solo - a retired United Nations Special Agent, tough as Nails and quite ruthless. Skilled in capturing (and terminating) Rogue Primes - in part thanks to the special Sidearm Seraphis Agents carry. To underestimate Solo is to take a gamble – and Harry Solo never loses at Cards.

They are all Members of the Seraphis Institute, a Group of British Scientific Trouble-shooters charged with investigating our changing world - and help protect it. Privately Funded, and answerable to no one but themselves - the world is lucky they hold themselves to the highest moral standards. All operatives are equipped with the latest advances in technology, freely provided by Varian (who has ties to the Institute) - including the most up to date equipment and weaponry.

Whilst the day to day running of the Institute is down to Major Colt - but Dr Steele, his adopted Daughter Jenna, and Harry Solo decide on the placements and make all the strategic decisions, whilst all planning and long term thinking is done by the Metatron - the Institutes A.I. Computer, created by Varian Blackwood and donated to the Institute.

The Seraphis Institute were spectacularly Sculpted by talented Ian Mountain.

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