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An Early S.D.Z.A. Timeline

Here is the Early S.D.Z.A. Timeline, it runs up till 1983 - then, as things got confusing it got sketchy and hard to keep up with. As each City State started keeping their own Histories, and most of these conflict/contradict (what I am saying is you really need to read all the fluff LoL).

Uni-Tech enters the public eye, with the demonstration by Cytogeneticist Joe Hin Tjio working with Albert Levan that there are forty-six human chromosomes - this important research was fully funded by Uni-Tech.

Uni-Tech, through Texas Instruments (a Uni-Tech subsidiary) introduces "the Micro Chip”.

British Intelligence and the Central Intelligence Agency of the USA begin their investigations of Uni-Tech – who were they, where did their funding come from – all is a mystery.

Kennedy is Assassinated - Kennedy was preparing to amend the National Labour Relations Board statutes and various Internal Revenue Service statues that would prevent foreign flag shipping from being exempt from American income taxes, Uni-Tech knew this would benefit their competitors thus weakening their financial stranglehold on American Business Practices. Both British Intelligence and the CIA suspect Uni-Tech’s Involvement – but cannot prove it.

Jacob Nexus begins his investigation of Uni-Tech in earnest, starting with the London Office - his findings point towards Auric Fröbe and his personal Assistant Katherine "Kitty" Gale having particularly dark pasts. This Investigation will lead him all over the world.

Whilst Jacob Nexus is on a Mission to Nevada - investigating Willard Dean, an eccentric Billionaire – he is killed. Nexus is miraculously restored, and for the first time exhibits full bodily Regeneration - when he fully recovers, he quite literally is a new man.

London Bridge is brought to the U.S. - the process is funded by Uni-Tech, it is not known why.

U.S. President Nixon resigns. It is privately known that Uni-Tech were at least in part responsible for his resignation.

Uni-Tech begins its plans for the revivification of Dinosaurs in earnest, to facilitate this quickly - they use (in theory) harmless DNA from a Bacteriophage Virus  (A virus that normally only affects Bacteria) the rate a Bacteriophage Virus replicates itself is going to be a boon when speeding up the cellular replication during the cloning process.

The First Dinosaurs begin to "grow" in the controlled growth tanks at a Uni-Tech research Laboratory in Nevada. The three Compsognathus test subjects reach full maturity in just 30 Days.

The First Test-Tube Baby is born finally proving the Medical Viability of the Re-Birth process.

Uni-Tech, now having reached a position where they can literally "Grow" any Dinosaur species they want in a matter of weeks – announce their plans to create Dinosaur Wildlife preserves around the world, that the basic "tour" would have a nominal cost of entry to the public - but "V-I-P" tours would be available for those with a yen to get closer to these amazing Animals.

The first Dino-Parks start to open, outside Windsor in the UK, Las-Vegas in the USA, Saint-Tropez in Europe, Sydney in Australia.

The first publicly seen "Primes" start to appear - in London a Boy picks up and throws a Car whilst having a Tantrum, whilst in New York a man "Flies" to save a woman who's fallen out of a fourth story window. Scientists are baffled; there is seemingly no explanation for this.

Smaller Dino-Parks start opening all over the world - by this time Uni-Tech have re-created Prehistoric Plant Life as well. Despite some "shaky" research, Uni-Techs plans are going well - and they are hailed as the "Saviours of the Modern Age" - as their new cellular replication processes could theoretically end Poverty and Famine.

The first Carrion "outbreak" takes place in Pennsylvania - the cities of Pittsburgh and Monroeville are the first to get overrun. The outbreak started in a factory just outside of Pittsburgh. Within weeks such outbreaks are taking place all over the world.

A Carrion Outbreak in the Nevada Desert causes the Dinosaurs to escape the enclosures at the Dino-Park nearby. Chaos ensues; pretty soon Las Vegas is overrun by Carrion and the various Carnivores that escaped the Park start picking off survivors trying to exit the city. By the time a Nuclear Strike is agreed to by the Pentagon - it is too late. As by then Victorville, Barstow and Baker are overrun and it decided the collateral damage will be too great. 

A tall robed figure is seen directing the Carrion, and strange half-human looking road-warrior are seen carrying primitive weapons.

For some reason there seems to be way more Dinosaurs at large than there were present in the enclosures at the Las Vegas Dino-Park.

Dinosaur Attacks are becoming more and more Widespread, and the Carrion are turning into a more immediate problem - fortunately the Dinosaurs stop the Carrion from completely taking over. A Nuclear response is deemed as no longer viable – because the problems are too wide spread now.

Things start to settle down, time and resources are found to erect huge walls around the surviving Cities. Thou a lot of communities have food, water, and medicines – ‘civilization’ as we knew it, is now spread quite thinly - it’s obvious it’s going to be hard to survive.

A Prime calling himself "Hypnos" declares himself the King of Detroit. Armed forces are deployed to remove him, those who aren't killed - join him unquestioningly.

Similar Prime Overlords start springing up all over the globe - NATO makes a judgement call; it is believed the Primes (dubbed 'Homo-Superior' by the scientific community) are as much of a Threat to the World as the Dinosaurs or the Carrion - if not more so. Cities and Towns where such Overlords arise and they have taken full control are subjected to Nuclear Strikes – it is obvious we are more afraid of these superior beings, than we ever were of the Dinosaurs or the Carrion.

Belinsky, in Russia, is one such place that was nuked to stop the Prime there from raising an army. From the nuclear wasteland that was once the town of Belinsky - a lone individual is  seen walking from the blasted remains. After walking nearly ten miles, he confidently approached to the Military Observation post set up to monitor the strike and spoke - "I am Doombringer, like me the Brotherhood shall rise anew" – Doombringer then jumped hundreds of feet into the air, and bound away in a series of huge powerful leaps.

It was quickly realized the Nuclear Strikes made things worse - smaller Nations, now controlled by Prime Overlords launched Nuclear Weapons of their own - irradiating large areas of land (areas which became known as the barrens) and accelerating the spread of the Carrion threat in some cases. Cannibalism becomes rife in far off communities with no resources - these Cannibals look so dreadful and smell so bad, even the Carrion ignore them.

The Primes, in particular the Brotherhood are a worrying factor – something that needs to be watched and controlled – more so even than the Dinosaurs or the Carrion.

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