Saturday, 9 May 2015

Coming Soon - THE M.A.T.A.T.!

Coming Soon - THE M.A.T.A.T.!

The Blackwood Industries Mark I Sentry Unit isn’t the only Robot in Town.

The NATO A.S.P. troopers also have Inorganic Backup, based on earlier non-Varian A.I. Technology - the M.A.T.A.T. (Mobile All Terrain Automated Trooper) Units can have a tendency to Malfunction when not maintained properly, shooting on friend and foe alike.

Still, their presence on any field of Battle far outweighs any concerns over safety - as they are only used away from the Civilian Population.

Armed with a Subsonic Cannon and a "Grabber" (a modified mechanical claw which grew out of the Cutter and Spreader devices used by Rescue Services) capable of exerting 95 tonnes of pressure. A M.A.T.A.T. can also be fitted with Twin-Linked heavy blaster rifles, a flame-thrower, or a water cannon depending on the nature of its duties.

Soon to be released (should have been earlier, DAMN YOU SALUTE!) 66mm Tall, cast in Resin 50mm Base. £12.99 Each. Sculpted by Carl Stoelzel​ - assisted by Dave Stone​. I'll be taking orders for it in about a week or so.

The First Picture is of an actual production Model, the second Picture is of the Pre-Production Model to give an idea of scale (Porky Ironsides Miniature not Included).

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