Friday, 15 May 2015

Poor Doctor Crowther . . . . .

It was dark, very dark - Varian rounded the corner of the escalator and saw the Carrion group eating Doctor Crowther. Luckily his eyes easily acclimated to bad lighting. El Cid was not far behind, Varian looked at his Cat. El Cid bowed his head, sat, and waited.

Doctor Crowther was Varians most accomplished Tech assistant, and had travelled to just outside San Angeles - specifically to the remains of the Hanso 
Foundation. He had been accompanied by Varian, Commander Craine of A.S.P. command, and a unit of A.S.P. Troopers. 

They had needed Doctor Crowther's expertise in getting the old and damaged mainframe running - so as to retrieve the Data on Uni-Techs more shady 
dealings, that they had been reliably informed had been 'lost' in there. Unfortunately, Doctor Crowther in his excitement over going on a field mission had wandered off - and had met his end at the hands of a group of particularly hungry Carrion.

Varian activated the neural scrambler at his belt, this neat little device - when activated, meant that both Carrion and Dinosaurs would pretty much ignore Varian, provided he made no fast or aggressive moves towards them.

Keeping his Sub-Sonic Energizer levelled - he carefully moved towards the Carrion, with the intention of retrieving Doctor Crowthers code key - which was needed to access the main frame. Getting it working on his own would be challenging, not impossible but difficult.

As he crept nearer to the gory tablea, the Carrion raised their heads and looked at him - this was normal, as they were still aware of him when the scrambler was activated, they just didn't care he was there.

What happened next wasn't in the least bit normal - as they lunged towards him, with snarling eyes and grasping hands.

It was at that point Varian noticed, they were all wearing Uni-Tech control collars - the whole thing was a trap!

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